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January 20, 2009

Day on the Sledding Hill

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We had a great time sledding up the canyon.  The boys talked me into going and I had a blast too!  Payton won the award for the farthest and fastest.  Jacob won for the funniest run.   And poor Owen, well unfortunately he got the “Best Crash Award”.  The snow was frozen and like little pieces of glass.  He still had fun though and I promised him that he could have as many donuts as he wanted.  He took me up on it!  The boy put away three!



















January 15, 2009

Awww…Someone likes my blog!

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Yay!  Kristi from http://momtionary.blogspot.com/ has presented me with this lovely award.  If you ever get a chance, especially you moms here, you have to check her blog out.  It is witty and I promise, you can totally relate!

So, as the rules go, I can now pass this award on the another blog I enjoy!  I am nominating my long-time friend Trish.  She has an adorable blog and she is an amazing photographer with an ability to truly capture her kids!  I have had a lot of fun following it!


January 11, 2009

Blessingway Celebration

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Since we are newly expecting again, I thought it would be fun to do a post on Blessingways.  I have never had one before, but since learning about them, I think it would be really fun!  In a nutshell, a Blessingway is a ceremony honoring the expectant mother and “blessing” her during her time of labor and birth.  You can do neat ceremonies that really unite and bring together important women that can support the new mother. 

Here is a great site that gives some fun ideas.  You can also enter to win her drawings for great blessingway gifts.  So, go check out http://wonderfullymadebelliesandbabies.blogspot.com/2009/01/bellies-and-babies-blessingway-giveaway.html for more ideas and info!


January 3, 2009

Spotlight on Jacob!

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Cute Jacob

Boy do we love our Jacob!  He can difffuse any situation fast with a “I love you Mommy-a lot”.  Jacob is the king of saying cute and kind things!  He is 3 1/2 and of course, we think he is a genius.  Jacob will be a Sunbeam tommorrow at Church.   Awww.. how time flies!  He likes playing with lego’s, riding horses, reading Little House in the Prairie and snuggling.  Oh and Scooby Doo!  Can’t forget that one!

December 15, 2008

Spotlight on O

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O is starting to live up to his “redhead personality”.  What a fireball of energy!  He loves food, mommy, food, daddy, food, brothers, food and his blankies.  Something special is his relationship with his Grandpa.  When Grandpa is here, no one else will do.  He will even push his mom and dad away.  There is a special bond there!  

A few interesting facts about O:  He was born at home, all his teeth are here and he can use them and he loves to put lego’s together!


December 10, 2008

Our family picture!

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This was taken about a year ago at Owen’s baby blessing.  I’m trying to get our new picture up, but I can’t get it to rotate, lol.  So, imagine Owen a bit bigger with more red hair and me a bit smaller 🙂


December 9, 2008

New Schoolroom

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It’s so nice to have the school room done!  No more paint and micro bits of construction paper on the dining room table!  Yay!  The boys love it!


My handsome guys patching the walls

My handsome guys patching the walls


More Jacob-ism’s

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Just now Jacob was telling me how much he loved his family.  He said “I love Payton and Owen, they are my brothers”.  Then, “I love you and Daddy”.  I asked, “what are “we” thinking you know, parents.  “You are my persons”.  So, what does your person do?  “They clean up poop and pee and feed me.”  LOL, parents is this your job description too?  Out of the mouth of babes…

November 28, 2008


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OK parents, you know you all have one.  The secret place where you stash your kids candy when they are not looking.  Look what Jacob found yesterday…


November 27, 2008

Awww Jacob

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Kids say the funniest things!  I really want to be better about writing them down when they say them, because I always forget. 

Yesterday we were in the store getting our Thanksgiving supplies.  An older gentleman walked up and said hello and what good boys they were.  Jacob looked right at him and said “Owen likes to eat poop”. 

I was mortified but then I realized that comment was probably my fault…Owen liked avocados, Mommy doesn’t…thus the comment…

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